The first family received the keys to the temporary housing "Eurokurin": how the presentation went

The presentation of the first temporary housing "Eurokurin" of the "Buy me a house" project took place on August 23 in the village of Moshchun, Buchansky district, Kyiv region. The keys to a new comfortable home were given to the Zaik family, victims of Russian aggression, due to which they lost their home. Among those who decided to personally congratulate the family on their new home, and the 24/02 Team and the "New Renaissance of Ukraine" charitable foundation on their successfully completed work, were local deputies, village headman Petro Makushenko, as well as neighbors and friends of the family.

After the ceremonial handing over of the keys to the family, journalists had the opportunity to film the interior of "Eurokurin" with all its amenities. The happy Zaik family gave a tour of their new home to everyone. After the ceremonial part, the journalists started to test the strength of the material from which the temporary housing was made - not a single blow caused damage to it. Eurokurin is a volunteer project for the construction of temporary housing in the territories affected by Russian aggression. Its feature is simplicity and reliability in operation, as well as cheapness. With adequate funding, the volunteers are ready to build 200 "Eurokurins" already this fall.
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