Deputies of the Hostomel settlement council evaluated the "Eurokurin" project

Our team was visited by deputies of the Hostomel settlement council, Andriy Tkachuk and Yuriy Marchuk. The gentlemen were very satisfied with the results of our work. They were pleasantly surprised by the properties of Eurokurin, which we gave it by painting it with a special solution. The anti-vandal and waterproofing layers made a good impression.

"To say that I'm surprised is an understatement. It's a strong material, and in our conditions it's a necessity," Andrii Tkachuk tells about his impressions. "It's a salvation for our people who were left homeless due to the Russian invasion."

Deputies got to know the construction of "Eurokuren" up close, they made sure with their own hands that our temporary house is strong and reliable. Yurii Marchuk shared information about the situation with those who lost their homes:

"As of now, 1,300 houses have been destroyed in the Hostomel OTG. And it is precisely such houses that could solve the problem. It would be possible to provide them with temporary housing until winter. It is being built quickly, the area is enough for a full-fledged family to live. We went around Hostomel, Bucha, Irpin , and people live in basements. And this is a great option to provide them with temporary, comfortable housing."

Oleksii Satov, head of the Evrokurin project, told about the progress of the construction of our temporary housing: "Today we have already done the wiring of the electricity, there is already light. The guys are finishing the wiring of the plumbing. I think we will finish it in the evening."
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