The second day of construction: report by Oleksii Satov

That is how the second day of construction of "Eurokuren" began. Our team is actively working to fulfill the promise of building the first house in a week. This is not an easy job, and the process is complicated by bad weather. That's why we involved volunteers who help build temporary housing.

Oleksiy Satov, the initiator of the project, reports: "Hello, friends, today is the second day of construction in Moschun. We have already made the insulated floor, now we will hammer the floorboard and start erecting the structure of "Eurokurenya". It will stand until the evening!"

Despite the weather conditions, we are making every effort to demonstrate the sincerity of our intentions and ambition to continue this business in the future.

Commenting on the material from which Eurokurin will be built, Oleksiy noted: "As you can see, this is ordinary foam. We understand that it is hard to believe that a strong building will turn out from this. But these walls will not only be strong - they will perfectly retain coolness in the summer, and in winter - warm!"

If you want to help us, follow the link, follow our successes in social networks, share information about us with your loved ones - together we will win!
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