"Eurokurin": how we build our first house

Did you miss Eurokuren news? We are not sitting idly by. Our team used polymer paint of its own production to strengthen the walls, giving them anti-vandal qualities. The paint also provided waterproofing. So, the family, which will soon move to its Eurokurin, may not be afraid of rain and snow.

As you know, one more, very important quality of our temporary housing is the storage of heat in winter and coolness in summer. We were able to achieve this by choosing the main material for our housing - foam plastic. Treated with our paint, it becomes a reliable and durable building material.

Regarding the development of the building, the news is as follows: the interior and exterior decoration is complete. We are currently working on communications. Soon we will be able to show off that our Eurokurin has electricity, sewage and water supply.

Despite the constant development, we still face difficulties. We are often forced to postpone construction due to bad weather conditions. In addition, we attracted our own funds and resources for construction. We hope that, by joining forces, we will be able to help the victims of the Russian invasion and implement the Eurokurin project. Details at the link:
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