Oleksiy Satov about the beginning of construction of "Eurokurin"

Our team began active work on the construction of the first temporary housing "Evrokurin", which will provide for the Onyshchenko family, which suffered from the Russian invasion. Team leader Oleksiy Satov, who was present at the erection site, commented on the progress of the work and the team's successes.

Oleksiy says: "Currently, we are in the village of Moschun, where the construction of the first "Eurokuren", a temporary housing, an experimental house, is underway. This is for our Onishchenko family, who, unfortunately, lost their home due to Russian aggression, and are forced to live in a chicken coop, in a barn with a little five-month-old baby. Today we started building the first "Eurokurin", and in three days we will do it."

As we reported earlier, the construction is now actually being done at the 24/02 Team members' own expense. We are happy to demonstrate our successes to the world, but the most important task is to provide housing to as many citizens affected by Russian aggression as possible. To help us achieve this goal, join the financial support of our project. Together we can swim!
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