TEAM 24/02
We are a team of public figures, volunteers, engineers-inventors in the construction industry, in which we have been actively working since 2014 on the basis of the public organization "Free Generation".
Since the first weeks of the Russian-Ukrainian war, our team has been providing daily targeted volunteer assistance to residents of the liberated areas of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. Every day we collect and deliver many goods to make life easier for those affected by the occupation.
The building of temporary housing according to the unique construction of "Eurokurin" is a volunteer project to provide assistance to families who lost their housing as a result of the Russian military attack
to Ukraine.
We communicate with those who are forced to survive in the territory destroyed by the occupiers and who lost everything due to the aggressive actions of the Russians - in particular, their own housing. People were left without electricity and gas, even the minimum level of comfort became unavailable for them.
Taking into account the needs of the victims of Russian aggression, our engineers-innovators in the construction industry have developed a unique design of temporary housing for quick construction - "Eurokurin". The design does not require any consent document for installation and start of operation in the residential areas. Its uniqueness lies in simplicity, convenience, efficiency and cheapness. It is inexpensive, practical and multifunctional.
1. Energy-efficient ecological temporary housing with all amenities.

2. There is no need to allocate a land plot and permit documentation.

3. The construction period is 7-10 days

4. Price - 400 € for 1 sq.m.

5. Guaranteed service life of 50 years or more.
About The Expo
Russia's brutal attack destroyed thousands of Ukrainian homes. It takes at least two and a half years after the end of the war to rebuild housing using standard methods. But we don't have time - soon the cold weather will come and people need somewhere to live.
We are initiating the construction of temporary housing using Eurokurin technology.

Consequences of the Russian invasion in the villages of Moschun and Kiinka

The 1st stage of this volunteer project envisages the installation of Eurofireplaces by the end of 2022 for 200 families who are left without a home and are in an extremely difficult situation, but have land on which Eurofireplaces can be installed and communications (sewerage, electricity , water), which can be brought to a temporary building.
Location of the 1st stage of the project: 100 "Eurokurins" y
the village of Moschun, Kyiv region, and 100 "Eurokurins" in the village of Kiyinka, Chernihiv region.
Visualization of the design solution: we developed a sketch project of "Eurokurin" for one family of 4-5 people with all amenities and communications:

Characteristics of "Eurokurin":
· area: 24 sq.m. (size 6000x4000);
· technology: Ukrainian development of SZK (segmented prefabricated structure - the name according to the patent), the analogue of which has proven itself well in Japan ("i-domehouse" technology), where entire cities are built in seismically dangerous areas of mountainous terrain;
· does not require permission documents;
does not require a foundation;
· does not require construction and assembly work, it is simply installed at the location according to the type of tent;
· has unique thermal insulation properties;
· has unique energy-efficient properties - 40% higher than world leaders;
construction period 7-10 days;
· guarantee of operation for at least 50 years;
· the cost price of 1 sq.m. of the building "Eurokurin" is 50% lower than 1 sq.m. modular housing in modular towns.

Project characteristics:
The cost of the "Eurokurin" house is:
400 euros per square meter

The price includes:
· delivery of the home kit to the place of installation (Kyiv, Chernihiv regions)
· foundation of geoscrews
· insulated wooden floor
· Eurokurin with external and internal decoration
· wiring of engineering networks (electricity, water, sewage)
· a shower cabin, a toilet, a sink, a kitchen surface with a sink.

Works on installation of Eurochimneys, plumbing works, electrical installation works throughout the building are carried out by the community, volunteers together with specialists of the manufacturer's company.

Let's rebuild Ukraine together!
Необхідно зібрати 100 000 грн
Зібрали 10 000 грн
Необхідно зібрати 10 000 грн
Зібрали 000 грн
Необхідно зібрати 10 000 грн
Зібрали 000 грн
Необхідно зібрати 10 000 грн
Зібрали 000 грн
of temporary housing according to the unique construction of "Eurokurin"
It is necessary to collect UAH 280,000
11,270 UAH were collected
We are initiating the construction of temporary housing using the Eurokurin technology. Its uniqueness lies in simplicity, convenience, efficiency and cheapness. We are ready to build 200 temporary homes and have started fundraising for the first home.
Overcoming the consequences of military aggression in the de-occupied territories
About us
How many Ukrainians, at this difficult time, need help daily?
How many people are ready to provide help right now, but don’t know where to call or are afraid to run into scammers?
In order to avoid such issues, we have created
Team 24/0.

We started our volunteering actions for Military and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in 2014, when there was a potential threat of regional separatism in Ukraine.
From the very beginning of hostilities on the territory of ORDLO, and throughout the war, the forces of the NGO "FREE GENERATION" created volunteer units acting in different areas.
About 3,000 soldiers of the AFU with PTSD received free assistance from the rehabilitation center established by us on the territory of the Kundiev Institute of Occupational Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2015, our team initiated the opening of the Veterans' Home for ATO fighters and their families, for the social adaptation of veterans with PTSD and PCR.
2017 was a landmark year for the Communities of the “Future People's Project”– a civic initiative that for the first time in Ukraine offered a complex solution to housing issues, social and humanitarian aid of limited financial resources - temporarily displaced persons, large or young families and russian-Ukranian war veterans.

At the beginning of the large-scale russian invasion to the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, we created the Regimen TDFt which numbers 1,500 soldiers and holds the line of defense of 14 settlements in the Kyiv region.
We are currently engaged in full-fledged volunteer activities aimed at military support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and TDF battalions. We are also fully assisting citizens who were forcibly relocated during the occupation of their settlements and those who are currently in such areas.

Body armors
During the first month of war we handed to UAF
>900 psc
>100 psc
Night vision devices
10 psc
Thermal vision devices
40 psc
Thermal vision RPAS
10 psc
Daily we deliver 1,500 ready-made lunches to feed locals, police, TDF, and militaries at checkpoints of liberated cities (Gostomel, Bucha, Irpin).

From the very beginning of rF’s military agression, the team of our foundation, as the most of Ukranian people, joined Territorial Defence Forces and has took up arms (to protect what we love). At the same time, we started to develop volunteer activities aimed at providing TDF fighters with everything they needed. Over some period of time, we realized that with our own efforts and the efforts of donors who help us, we can support not only TDF but also the militaries of UAF, who are at the forefront and "at zero", as they say.
Our team
Since the very beginning of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, the team of our foundation, like the majority of Ukrainians, joined the ranks of the territorial defense forces and took up arms. At the same time, we began to develop volunteer activities aimed at providing territorial defense forces fighters with everything they need. Over time, we realized that solely with our own forces and the forces of donors who help us, we can provide not only our territorial defense forces, but also the military of the Armed Forces, who are on the front lines, as they say, "at ground zero".
Photo report of the work done

Here you can see how humanitarian aid and military ammunition get to their destination

Since the beginning of the russian invasion, we have collected and delivered:
Body armor


Night vision devices
Thermal vision dvices

Drones with thermal imager
Humanitarian aid
Ready-made lunches
Body armor
Night vision devices
Thermal vision dvices
Drones with thermal imager
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